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Sea Kayaking Adventures

The Inukshuk Inn

The Inukshuk Inn

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in Kugaaruk, Nunavut

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Sea Kayaking Adventures

For thousands of years Inuit hunters traversed the Arctic waterways in kayaks. Now you can experience an Inuit guided sea kayak adventure on Pelly Bay.

  • visit elders at their summer outpost camps on the Arctic tundra
  • fish for Arctic char
  • watch seals in the bay
  • see wildlife in their natural habitat
  • enjoy Narwhal and Bowhead whale watching
  • learn about life on the land
  • discover the delicate plants of the Arctic

Experience photographic opportunities 24 hours a day in the land of the midnight sun.

Contact us about an Arctic Sea Kayaking Adventure.

Sea Kayaking in Pelly Bay

Sea Kayaking in Pelly Bay

Experienced Guides

Our guide Tony in his blue kayak.

Kayaking The Waters Around Kugaaruk

Three adventurers kayaking on Pelly Bay.

Kayak Adventure Tours

Victoria Jason, author of Kabloona in the Yellow Kayak, kayaking on Pelly Bay



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  • TBA 

(dates to be confirmed at booking time)

Arrival day and orientation followed by five days on the water and a final day in Kugaaruk to view local art and/or take a charter north to the ice pack.

Visit our Arctic Sea Kayaking Adventures website for more details.

See our Pelly Bay Sea Kayaking Adventure slideshow.




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